Praxissemester 2016
Praxissemester 2016
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Praktika im Sommersemester 2016



Im Sommersemester 2016 haben deutsche Studierende ihr Praxissemester im Rahmen des Doppelbachelorprogrammes bei Unternehmen in China erfolgreich absolviert. Auf dieser Seite finden Sie die Liste mit den Firmen, bei denen die Studierenden praktische Erfahrungen sammeln konnten, und auch Statements von den Praktikanten und ihren Betreuern.





Statements von Studierenden und Betreuern




"The internship at Brose offered us the chance to gain practical experience in a globally acting company. Being fully integrated in the Brose business environment, we were treated as equal team members and were able to develop our own ideas and concepts. In the last 5-6 months we not only got to know colleagues with different international backgrounds, but also worked collaboratively on various projects.


In context of my bachelor thesis, I (Sebastian Preil) visited different plants and suppliers within Shanghai to generate and execute welding test scenarios at steering motors. Thereby, I widened my knowledge about joining technologies a lot. Due to a high cooperation with the German colleagues I directly interacted between them and the local suppliers which enhanced my communication and organization skills.


We are very thankful for the time at Brose.”


Ivo Cipriani (FH Kiel), Niveth Sureshkumar (HS Mannheim) & Sebastian Preil (TH Nueremberg)


From left: Daniel Venuso, Rasmus Rieger, Sebastian Preil, Niveth Sureshkumar, Ivo Cipriani



“Brose is a family owned company and an international leader in the field of automotive mechatronics. We offer a high variety of opportunities for young rising professionals in both technical and commercial functions.


Early contact with and integration of students via internships and the creation of a final thesis is a great chance for both the student and for Brose to start a successful collaboration and career together. The students are an important source for us to get access to the latest developments from Universities and the markets alike. Further they have the chance to work full-time on an exciting and relevant project for our company. These results often help Brose to make a big leap forward and to stay ahead of competitors.”


Daniel Venuso (Cost Management) and Rasmus Rieger (Joining Technologies)


For further information about internships with Brose please click here.




"Continental Automotive System Co. Ltd. offered me an internship in the engineering team of a manufacturing location in Shanghai, producing Powertrain products among others. The Division Powertrain is one of the five divisions of the Continental Cooperation. The Company is a leading German automotive supplier and is ranked in the Top three automotive suppliers in the world. It is often known for its rubber division, which is producing tires for a lot of different vehicles and other rubber products even the tire business stands for a third of the company's sales only.


During this internship I got insights of the production of turbochargers and worked together with a team of Chinese engineers. I was able to use my theoretical knowledge, which I gained during my study, on a practical level. The work with the Chinese teammates was fun and I was involved into their work since the first day. It was possible to achieve real value add results in a challenging project during this internship. My bachelor thesis utilized this project as a case study. My supervisor Dr. Patrick Schmitt, helped and supported me in my work and thereby I was able to not just write a thesis with practical relevance, but also learned a lot for my future career.


All in all I was very satisfied with my internship and I can recommend everyone to do this double degree program."


Joscha Lunow, FH Kiel



Joscha Lunow together with his colleagues at Continental.



"Continental China has been a solid partner with CDHAW for a long time. We have been supporting the students with career consultancy and offer internship opportunities as well. We are very satisfied with the performance of CDHAW students. They are very open-minded, proactive, concentrated, well planned and hard working. They also get very quickly integrated into the team.

We will definitely continue the collaboration with CDHAW and look forward to accommodating more students into our organization, both for internships and full-time positions."

Zhiyu HE, Head of Recruiting Shared Service Centre China





“In 2016 we were two building service engineering students from the Tongji University at energydesign shanghai, which is a German-based office for sustainable built environment engineering. We were fully involved in daily business and worked on recent projects of all kinds.


Both of us wrote the Bachelor Thesis independent from the work at energydesign, but for future students it will be also possible to write about a company related topic. Looking back, we had the chance to learn many different things which will help us for our future careers!


You will find very nice colleagues and a pleasant working environment."


Philip Fischer & Kilian Schmelmer, internship as sustainable energy engineers



Philip Fischer (fifth from left), Kilian Schmelmer (6th from left), Dr. Zhou Yanping (7th from left) together with the team at energydesign shanghai


“Energydesign Shanghai is an engineering and consulting firm for low-energy, high functionality and optimal cost solutions in the built environment.


Also in the future we will continue to offer internships including Bachelor/Master Thesis for students of the CDHAW at Tongji University. They will be involved in recent projects and be confronted with interesting tasks and responsibilities, which gives them the chance to work independently and learn how to solve problems efficiently on their own or in the group.


We are looking forward to welcoming highly motivated students in out team in order to work together on energy and sustainability concepts for new and existing buildings.“


Dr. Yanping Zhou, Supervisor






Jonas Kasel, Student der Fahrzeugtechnik an der TH Köln, absolvierte das Praxissemester bei Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive Co., Ltd. im Quality Management Department. Auf den Fotos ist er mit seinem Betreuer Herrn Markus Schwill, Vice President Quality Department, sowie mit seinem Team zu sehen.





Internships at TLD – a proven concept


"For 6 years, TLD – an international group manufacturing Ground Support Equipment for Airports and Aircraft Services – has employed students to undertake Value Stream Mapping projects throughout its Chinese production site. Following the assembly process and stopping every action with timers, all shortcomings have been made visible. Process waste, moving waste and quality waste has become transparent and was eliminated in a second step.


With the support of students following the CDHAW program we have been able to more than double our output by eliminating waste during production. The lean production effort and experience is not only a valuable input for the students practical experience, it is as well a vital part of improving competitiveness in the Asian context."


Dr.-Ing. Thomas Dorn, CEO Asia





Left to right: Florian Fiedel, Andre Roehrs, Christian Goerke, Deputy Vice President of R&D Gunther Heim,
Sabrina Kutterer, Marvin Chromow, Florian Wienholt


"We had the great chance to work in a company, which is the leader in the Chinese roof market with a 60% market share and counts among the 100 leading suppliers of the automotive industry. Webasto gave us the opportunity to implement our theoretical knowledge into practical experience. We were able to prove that the added-value we offered would transform into real benefits for the enterprise in departments such as finance, indirect purchasing and R&D."


Florian Fiedel, Andre Roehrs, Christian Goerke, Sabrina Kutterer, Marvin Chromow, Florian Wienholt