Praxissemester 2015
Praxissemester 2015
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Praktika im Sommersemester 2015


Im Sommersemester 2015 haben über 40 Studierende der Konsortialhochschulen ihr Praxissemester im Rahmen des Doppelbachelorprogrammes in China bei verschiedenen Unternehmen erfolgreich absolviert.



Statements von Studierenden und Betreuern in Unternehmen:



"After five month at Brose I look back and I see how much I have evolved. Brose offers great opportunities with a wide scope to develop. I have worked with people from Brose all around the world. Not only did I learn how to solve problems efficiently, but much more how to network in a multinational company. Furthermore I had a very interesting task with the freedom to choose my own way how to solve it."

 Nicolas René Butterwegge, EAHS Jena 



"Brose gives a great chance to work in the international open minded production company. For almost all students an internship is the first touch of real business life but nevertheless we experienced great performance which is a big promise for the future. We create a win-win situation by not only challenging them but inspiring them: young people get experience and we get new views and original solutions."

Tomas Herman, Supervisor


Den Flyer von Brose mit Informationen über Internships finden Sie hier.





“MAGNA STEYR offered a complete project to Interns from CDHAW. The benefit for the students was that they could work very realistically and professionally as a team. Each of them had their own area to conduct, and the result is much more than simply an addition of single Bachelor work’s output. They managed to build up a PT car almost on their own. We appreciated very much the high motivation of the students and we were very satisfied with the achieved results.”
Walter Schimpl, Chief Engineer

Ausschreibung für Praktika @ Magna Steyr 2014: 




"SIP’s interns aren’t simply for administration or support, they are a critical and valued part of SIP’s business development team, and we pride ourselves on the training and professional development opportunities our internship provides. As an intern we will guide you through our sales process and by the end of the internship you will be confident contacting, networking, meeting and presenting to senior professionals at some of the world’s most prestigious organisations, and you will be familiar with writing technical proposal documents to win work valued in the millions of RMB. It is a steep learning curve and a competitive market, but you’ll be working with an enthusiastic and multinational team of young professionals during your stay with SIP, and actually 90% of our full time employees in business development started with us as interns - so that stay could be a while!"

Ben Harris, Central Business Development





"The bachelor thesis was the final paper of my undergraduate study with the major mechatronics at the Tongji University in Shanghai and the University of Applied Sciences in Munich. This thesis would not come about the TRUMPF Group which greatly supported me for this thesis since February 2015. Therefore I owe to all of the staff my biggest thanks for the support even in the difficult times of the research. I got the big chance to be one of the few students who were allowed to do this double degree bachelor program in China. This exchange helped me not only for my studies, during the time in China and especially I had the huge possibility to enhance my English to become a fluent speaker. I developed a program based on Microsoft Visual studio C#. I never learned programming in the C# language at University therefore I learned to study it by myself. Due to the fact that C# is pretty similar to C and C++ I learned it pretty easy. I’m sure that these achieved hard skills and practiced soft skills will help me in future projects and challenges."

Florian Schaider, Hochschule München


“The main task of Mr. Schaider‘s internship is to develop an auto-leveling system for machine assembly line. To fulfill this task, he needs to get interdisciplinary knowledge including mechanics, electronics, control technology and programming. And this is not the only challenge. Also it is important to make the system economical. This is a very good practice for student to design and make a technically challenging system which is also practical for real industry.

We introduced the current situation, set and fine tuned the target, helped to define project schedule, coordinated so that he gets all the resources he needs and made regular review of the task status and feedback.”

Mr. Zhang Chufan, Supervisor